Until the lion learns how to write every story will glorify the hunter.

They say,life is about numbers but don’t you think it has become too much. Pins, passwords used on bank accounts,taxation. Passport numbers,birth certificate numbers,identification numbers,driving license and now even institutions use numbers to identify its members.

It is the 20th day since the Kenyan government decided to mind-bog the Huduma Number Initiative. Ain’t there too many numbers already? Do you think the hunter has the lions interest at heart? Is it a scam? Is it another impunity to defy the law? Is it a brainwave to wananchi? Is it the devil’s number?(hahaha, we better study our bibles)Too many questions and the hunter being on the watch and wait P.E has actually started to fill our ears with such cliche. After all Kenya should not be given to a specific leader because it is not how big your bag is or how deep your pocket is but how much you desire to take the baton from self-centeredness. Our conscience has grown to extinction such that politicians always gain at the expense of the populace without guilt. Each time they roll out big project(SGR,Galana,oil spill scandal among others) much is left unsaid,unbalanced and unexplained. The story depicts the hunter’s idea to be good, having a number initiated by an executive order to manage a central population register which will be the authentic source of truth of people residing in Kenya and registration is done by collection of personal information and finger prints.

Ain’t this flowery?The story plots benefits such as easy access to government services,curb duplication, reduction of costs,prevention of fraud and impersonification. So flowery yet so ironical,I don’t intend to distribute sarcasm. I honestly believe the initiative is good but its plot is not timely. At a time such as this when mega projects are still pending ,when Kenyans are dying due to hunger.

The initiative hopes to reduce costs but a lot is put in the registration process,in the purchase of new kits and in the employment of registration personnel. A total of about 5-6 billion has been invested to this project(reduce costs huh! Let us all laugh together)Do you think this initiative is timely? With so much confidence , masking the crisis we are facing ,unvoiced death cases in Turkana. I personally think its not timely because its implementation was fast without proper awareness of its ‘pros’ and con’s’ to wananchi. A change of fortune must present a spectacle of adversity to prosperity.

That is never the case. The hunter always appears black or white, very innocent but when in contact with the lion there is red all over. What are our priorities? Will we go for a project that is less urgent and witness while we can invest to save lives first? Can we be a people who evoke stillness,love,peace and sunshine to others during adversity.

The European union was one step away from approval of biometric identity cards.As at April,9,2019 the European Parliament had voted to have a common security standard for identity cards and resident documents in order to make it difficult for criminalistic expeditions.

The card will include security features aligned with passports,contactless chip,photograph and fingerprints for verification. Is this Identity card the Huduma number or its just another waiting to be implemented? Too many questions with no one to answer, the hunter hasn’t done enough ground research and awareness

Think!Think! Think! Change starts with you. Despite of all the red you still need the Huduma number,go for it. How can we set our priorities right? Before you do something analyse it don’t do it because the masses are doing it.

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Wikipedia on EU news.



Do not curse the mother of crocodile when you have not crossed the river(African proverb). Why am I saying this? Late last year a couple of friends and I travelled to the countryside and the calmness of the setting, the green vegetation filled with rows of trees,plants,flowers and grass,healthy animals and poultry all about us to appreciate nature.Rivers,streams and fountains of water added beauty to the vicinity.The people around had hearts filled with love and very hospitable.Though electricity may not be one of the luxuries they enjoy,they use natural lighting to see the sun,during the day and at night the moon and beautiful cosmic array of stars that can make a cheap date in the countryside to just gaze at the beauty of the sky aside buying roasted maize. Many homes are not fenced with electric wires or high decked walls because they are at peace with one another, contrary to the cities where many have watch guards for their security.

One of the days of our stay there,the gents went for an errand in the nearest town center leaving the ladies behind forgetting the saying that behind any successful man is a woman. Blessings of rain come pouring and the roads were muddy and flooded but they weren’t back. After an hour or so one of us received a phone call,that we were needed because the car went into a ditch and the gents were not able to get it out.

Leaving all our evening agendas,we ran out to help,after about 200meters we thought it might have been a prank but not really,the car was 200 more meters ahead. The roads were very flooded and we had to remove our shoes to be able to get there.

On reaching there we found about six gents and we couldn’t help but wonder how they weren’t able to get the car out. We decided to help and as we went about trying to push the car,a thought sprung in my mind,sudden adversaries reveals a lot about our identity,core values and hopes. We often disclose our true selves during crisis such as when our reputations, positions, prospects or even our loves are at stake. We got a free opportunity to understand everyone’s personality it helped us discover true faith and know how people respond to devastating misfortunes. Crisis not only defines a person,it also reveals someone’s personality,courage and meekness when handling cascading tragedies. Just like a pregnant woman in labour,our true character is revealed when we are faced with perplexities,adversities and rough spots on our lives. As we struggled to get the car from the ditch,peoples ideas came in handy and indeed team work brings unity we were able to get it out and guided each other carefully back to the homesteads having realised each others identity; beginning with the loud people,which am sure didn’t miss in the noise makers list even if they were absent in class,the silent ones and we appreciated each other.

Do not curse the perplexities we face in life before we overcome them because in life they’re providential sand papers,in which we are to be polished by them. For God uses even the worst people or situations to bring the best in us . Characters are formed in storms. Therefore shine through hurts.

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A couple of weeks ago I boarded a bus to town,as we journeyed on a lady stopped the bus and got in despite it being full. She happened to be a sales lady,selling digital pencils that apparently were environmental friendly and didn’t need to be sharpened. She was vibrant and enthusiastic, she spoke about her products in a colourful way, this made most people to buy them. This made me flashback,indeed every record in life tells a story.

Growing up in kindergarten was fun, it was compulsory to use pencils in both classwork and homework. When I started using pens in primary school, I often made a lot of mistakes. I would try to erase them, I would use chalk but it really didn’t work since it would reappear after sometime. I opted to using saliva, you can say I was not from a very extravagant background to fancy erasers or white outs. Saliva worked but left my books messy and holy(with holes).

My teacher used to hit me for that but as innocent I was just trying to hide my errors. One day my favourite teacher summoned me,wearing her usual beautiful smile on her face,she looked at me and said,”Winnie,anytime you make a mistake just cross it with a single line and move on.” I didn’t want people to notice my mistake and mock me,I explained to her.”The more you erase, you not only damage your book but also make people know about your mess and laugh at you.”

Have you ever made a mistake?Cross it once,forgive yourself and move on. If you keep erasing it,you will just become more dirty without solving the problem. In life everyone is at a different stage,take each step at a time. Form patience in the fabric of your heart that will help you be content and not envious. For some may be crawling,some walking and some running but remember in anything you have been through,gone through,set through,cried through or prayed through just shows clearly that everyone has their own time and clock different from the GMT. Stick to your clock,don’t shrink and remember being better than you were is your next stop shop.

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Recently I have been looking back to who I used to be years and years ago,comparing it to now there is a very visible mega difference .Using any kind of meter to test the difference (be it speedometer or intellectual meter…..hahaha if those even exist) you will notice the difference .I don’t understand this paradigm shift but what I learn is to appreciate each step and each season in my life.

Me being an introverted extrovert rather an ambivert ,I learnt to operate from what I had and who I was. Who are you?What do you love?What frustrates you? I started embracing what I loved and ignored stuff I disliked.

In order to succeed in life you have to be at peace with yourself and as you live try to find everything that you can about yourself and you will discover as you walk through life’s q’s you get to know a deeper version of yourself.

In life you will never know how much you need something until you experience it. You will not know the amount of food to it unless you taste to know how good it is .One can never know if they have had enough of something unless they experience it. What is your experience?What’s you life pot cooking?

One great writer Heather says,”at times we miss out on enjoying the season that we are in because we are so focused on the next one. Somehow in our head,I believe we think that it will be better and easier if we had this or that.” The reality is that each season will carry tests,trials and harvest. This depends on the choices we make daily,so decide today to own this season.

When one has ownership over something, they take good care of it and will guard it that all it deems is success .Be content,trust God , don’t waiver in your faith just keep going. Delight in the season you are in.

In seasons in my life darkness thought it had me but it did not know my God. It did not know the story He would write for me to share with you.

Look out for the next episode of the reality series as I share, MY JOURNEY.



A string doesn’t easily slide through the needle until you get familiar with it. That’s where we are at. As a people in the youth bracket life is taking its trip through love’s canal and people are striving to lay off the best version of themselves at all times to protect their reputation.

A love story of a beautiful couple whose story puts my taste buds on fire just as taking very mild masala fries….hahaha, that explains how I dislike pepper .It is said that not every beautiful thing is good in the inside but I beg to disagree because it was nothing but they still looked perfect together whether or not the ten meters rule was observed.


When life gives you hospital beds find your inner balconies because one cannot want the moon and hide at night or want a rose and run from the thorns or rather want love and hide from yourself. The guy for sure had got a sure bet,one who he thought eternity with,one with all the attributes in his quality list that even if she like un scented lotion knew not she was being worn didn’t stop his love from growing. She was the only one he thought of evening walks with or sitting together with legs crossed by the lake or maybe looking at the stars pondering about their future on stuff like the number of kids each would like to have.


His heart grew bolder and his faced or is it their faces glowed whenever they met,you can call it melting in love. I bet he had expressed his love severally in the most sincere and sure way to her as possible. But……..
Wigot gardens Hangout.



I thought I should introduce myself to all my fans and readers of my blog, my parents or who ever named me identified me as Winnie. I don’t know why? But I guess it’s because they thought the name is cute,though many may find it too common and not appealing at all but am glad it’s a thought. I love my name and I hope you love yours. I love it because it means…….,no before I tell you the meaning I think it will be wise if I drop my manifesto now that we are in the electioneering period and citizens are very anxious with politicians out and about campaigning pouring their agendas with confidence that they will indeed make a change,their shoulders are high for they all have ideologies to better kenya ‘s economic factors(unga saga),social political  factors and infrastructure (ideas that seem like fantacies).

Being in government comes with a lot of benefits,being in a world class level with your bank account growing fat,its like getting a job with a six figure salary after tax with a medical insurance,a car and other allowances on top of it .As many as desired  all this have spoken as if they could mend the ozone layer but all is in vain. Who then is a good leader?

This elections I change my mind I won’t appear in the ballot papers but as many will appear having presented appealing and enticing manifestos am sure if it were food it would have been mouth watering with the best aroma your nose has ever had an encounter with, I will vote for peace.

It is said that love is a test of faith rather than a bed of roses. Will your love for your neighbour stand when faced with storms of ‘isms’? This is because peace is like a river when it attends to our soul we indeed smile and say ‘it is well with our soul’ and though trials waft us side by side we can stand the test of love.


Can we say that all we want is unity is  our pride and that brotherly love is our strength and that we will join hands together and there will be no one against us?This is because elections come and go but the people around your,neighbours,friends and family remain.

If we only but act a little mature and avoid violence. If we only but add peace to our name then everyone will call Kenya their land,for the homeless will find home in kenya,the widows and orphans will find love and companionship in Kenya and our rich heritage will sell for foreigners will admire our unity , our tribe and name and we will have elevated from best in athletics only but will be best in everything.


My home is Kenya, it dosent matter your tribe or your race for me my tribe is KENYA and my name is PEACE.


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Zawadi kayo
Chris Mureithi
Kasmuel Oure
Hymn: It is well
Wishing all Kenyans a peaceful elections.



…………….everyone busy in their different walks of life. But none ever thinks about those who idle in the benches in town,many are undergoing psychological traumas,others are sick,stranded even though many may be thieves and con men.

People need mentors,someone who could just give a listening ear or psychological guidance or some few coins to get them back home. But who ever cares about them? All we do is be judgmental, claiming they are thieves. Street families filling up the streets only with carton boxes to sleep on, while we pass and even step on them while heading back to our lavish mansions to rest in our six by six beds and high density mattresses and infact under medicated nets.


God’s grace is unexplained, for them mosquito bites is not common maybe to say ‘mosquitoes get bored of sucking the same blood everyday’ the same way we find it monotonous and tiring to eat the same type of vegetable “managu” daily. Many people are rich in un kindness,being mean,inconsiderate, in short in doing negative things. But where are the kind,caring people let alone the loving people?


If talking to a neighbour in a bus during a trip is hard what then can make conversing with a stranger easy? Some people just need a little water to quench their thirst. Thirst can be in form of a listening ear, encouragement,kindness,where you can buy buy at least one person a meal to keep them going for the day,care and love,where you can donate warm clothes and beddings to them.

No art of kindness and love goes unnoticed. People easily remember something you do to them than what you say to them. Remember evens  as you interact with people discover their personalities.

Finally, let your generosity be known in bringing forth positive vibes. Take your time out of your busy schedule to share in a problem that is not yours,reach out and touch someone ‘s hand and make this world a better place for them.